At each and every market event, we donate ALL proceeds of our $2 entry for shoppers to a different charity, as well as this, we help out charities by allowing them to have stalls on the day to create income. At some select markets, we collect donations of good quality leftover fashion to donate to various different charities and causes. And in 2016 we teamed up with the breakfast crew from 97.3fm Brisbane to raise over $5,000 from their fashion and our door entry!

Every time you shop at Wardrobe Warriors Market you are supporting your local community. Not just with charitable entry fees and donations, but also by purchasing from our sellers. 

Whenever you purchase your clothing from our sellers you are helping a local get a little extra cash on the side. This is a HUGE contribution to our local community and can help our sellers with their day to day expenses, savings accounts or achieving their dreams.

Wardrobe Warriors Market also regularly gives away free stalls for local charities, people in need or small businesses.
Shopping secondhand is something we all need to be doing. Not just because it is a much cheaper alternative to buying brand new, but also because of the social and climate impacts that fashion has on our world.

Secondhand clothing so often ends up being tossed away and going straight to landfill, as well as this, producing new garments is one of the most detrimental forms of pollution on our planet currently.

A lot of brands also use factories to produce clothing that use un-ethical practices, not only in producing the garments but paying the people who work at these factories.

Wardrobe Warriors Market exists so that you can help to make a change in our world.